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aCharge Merchant Accounts

Great rates and no monthly fees -period!

Apply for your own aCharge Merchant Account and never pay monthly fees, enjoy low transaction rates, and rest assured that our support team will be here to back you up.

An aCharge Starter-Charger Merchant Account is perfect for business or individuals who would like to accept VISA and MasterCard credit card payments for their goods or services, but will process only a limited number of transactions a month.

You only incur the discount rate and transaction fees as you have sales. If you don't sell, you don't pay anything extra. And since this is a full merchant account, you are more in control than with a third-party merchant account (such as PayPal´┐Ż or 2CheckOut´┐Ż), and deposits are made directly to your checking account.

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No Monthly Fees!

No Minimum Charges!

No Extra Service Fees!

3.75% Per Transaction

$0.50 Per Transaction

$49.00 Annual Membership

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