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Simple Fee Structure

Starter-Charger accounts have an clear fee structure: You pay a $49.00 annual membership fee, and when you start making sales, 3.75% of your transaction, plus $0.50 cents, will be deducted from the total sale amount. After that, there are no extra fees whatsoever.

The ability to accept Discover and Amex are optional extras, but we'll gladly help you get either or both setup. Discover and Amex charge separate setup fees which can be quoted on a per-case basis.

Most standard merchant accounts from other providers normally cost at least $99.00 to start, $49.00 a year, $10.00 monthly statement fee, $10.00 - and carry at least a $20.00 monthly minimum. The per-transaction fees will be slightly lower, but they don't decrease enough to justify the high start up costs and monthly charges.

We do have other package options available - from higher end solutions to shared merchant accounts where we process the transactions for you, and are working on new packages already. If you have a specific request, please feel free to contact us any time by writing [email protected].

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No Monthly Fees!

No Minimum Charges!

No Gateway Fees!

No Statement Fees!

No Extra Service Fees!

3.75% Per Transaction

$0.50 Per Transaction

$49.00 Annual Membership

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